ABB electrical motor LOT


1x 11 kW
1x 11-12.6 kW
1x 7.5-8.6 kW
2x 7.5 kW
1x 7.5 kW (repainted)
1x 4-4.6 kW
1x 4 kW
2x 3 kW
1x 3 kW (grey)
1x 2.2-2.5 kW
1x 2.2 kW (brand new)
1x 2.2 kW
7x 0.37 kW (brand new)

With extra fan covers and rain caps

External ID: 2218002
Category: Electrical Equipment
Subcategory: Electric Motor

Manufacturer: ABB
Model: See description
Serial No:
Part No:
Weight [kg]: 600
Dimension (L x B x H) [m]:
Condition: Good
Tag No: